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Seirbhís Oideachais d'Aosaigh & Breisoideachais Fhine Ghall Fingal Adult & Further Education Service
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Child Development and Play 3N0611

Course code: 3N0611
Level Full/Part Time Day/Evening Location
3 Part-time Flexible Balbriggan/Swords

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Students will learn about

  • Describe the five key areas of child development, namely physical, intellectual, linguistic, emotional and social, using practical examples
  • Distinguish between the categories free play and structured play, and the four types of play namely, construction, imaginative play, creative play, and physical play, using practical examples
  • Give examples of the importance and the link between child development and play by observing how playing with a toy is enhancing the development of a child
  • Compare the current range of children's toys, games and play activities with those of own childhood 
  • Describe play activities that you have engaged in as an adult and your responses to these activities
  • Describe the features of a 'good toy' including its safety features, educational value and cost 
  • Work with supervisor to organise, implement, and talk about strengths and areas for improvement of a play activity for a child/children
  • Work with supervisor to plan, make, use, and talk about strengths and areas for improvement of a play item for child/children
  • Interact with young children and peers using effective communication skills.

 Assessment includes

Portfolio / Collection of Work 100%

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