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Seirbhís Oideachais d'Aosaigh & Breisoideachais Fhine Ghall Fingal Adult & Further Education Service
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Plant Care and Maintenance 4N1186

Course code: 4N1989
Level Full/Part Time Day/Evening Location
4 Part-time Day Balbriggan/Swords/Donabate

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Students will learn how to identify a range of common plants from each of the following categories: trees, shrubs, bedding, vegetable, fruiting, indoor, herbaceous, weeds and state the main uses of a range of trees, shrubs and bedding plants.

As this module is a practical module, students will get the opportunity to work on an allotment in Turvey, Donabate, where they will plant a range of common plants including trees, shrubs, bedding plants, vegetables and fruit.

Students will learn about the optimal growing conditions for a range of common trees, shrubs, bedding, vegetable and fruiting plants and learn to maintain plants by implementing weed control using a variety of methods: crop rotation, cultivation, hand weeding, hoeing, mulching, flaming and chemical.

Students will learn procedures for protecting plants from damage by frost and wind and from damage by pests and diseases. Most importantly, students will learn to operate within appropriate safety procedures to create and maintain a safe working environment including safety standards regarding lifting, carrying and handling plants, tools and equipment. Overall, a very enjoyable and practical module to complete at level 4.

 Assessment involves 80% skills demonstration and 20% exam. The exam consists of 10 short answer questions.

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