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Seirbhís Oideachais d'Aosaigh & Breisoideachais Fhine Ghall Fingal Adult & Further Education Service
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Skin Care, Eye Treatments and Makeup L5

Module code: 5N3466

In this module, learners will

  1. Examine the purpose and methods of skin analysis and consultation
  2. Explain the importance of client care, confidentiality and professionalism in the provision of skin care, eye treatments and make-up application
  3. Describe the functions and pathology of the skin
  4. Describe the structure of the skin with aid of a diagram
  5. Describe how ageing, lifestyle and environmental factors can affect the skin and its underlying structures
  6. Identify the main ingredients used in skincare products and describe their effects on the skin
  7. Describe the anatomy and physiology of the head, neck and shoulders
  8. Explain the uses, benefits and effects of five classical facial massage movements
  9. Examine the benefits, effects and uses of facial masks
  10. Examine the benefits and effects of tinting the lashes and tinting and re-shaping the brows
  11. Describe the products available for treatments
  12. Differentiate between the different methods of sterilisation and sanitisation
  13. Describe common skin diseases and disorders
  14. Explain the use of make-up according to the occasion, client colouring, age and preferences, to include corrective, day, evening, and special occasion
  15. Describe the effect of lighting on make-up
  16. Identify different skin tones and advise on the use of corrective products
  17. List the main ingredients used in make-up and explain their effects on the skin
  18. Explain air brushing techniques
  19. Identify indications, contra-indications and contra-actions to treatments
  20. Carry out consultations to identify suitable treatments and their objectives
  21. Carry out any relevant tests required prior to treatments
  22. Conduct and adapt skin care treatments to suit the treatment area and the clients needs within a commercially acceptable time limit
  23. Identify the different face shapes, eye shapes, nose shapes and lip shapes and demonstrate how to contour and highlight
  24. Conduct and adapt make-up treatments to suit the treatment area and the clients needs within a commercially acceptable time limit
  25. Provide appropriate aftercare and homecare advice
  26. Implement good practice with regard to health and safety guidelines when conducting treatments
  27. Ensure the positioning and client and therapist is correct for all treatments
  28. Record and reflect on the results of treatments
  29. Communicate and behave in a professional manner
  30. Adhere to manufacturers instructions for the use of professional products.